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Kim Kardashian visited the Australian zoo

Kim Kardashian hugs Koala

TV star with her husband and daughter Kanye West North visited Australia Zoo.

Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West and her little daughter is now in the North of Australia. In Brisbane at the rapper to be held a concert. In the meantime, the family decided not to waste time and take up the study of the Green continent. So Kim and Kanye took her daughter and went to the local zoo.

Family came to the zoo in Queensland on a private visit. Americans went to see the show with giant snakes, colorful birds and crocodiles. In the open area called Krokozeum where went representation stellar family immediately had to know zoo visitors.
 "It was very interesting to see them, it seemed that they were having a great time."
 Another eyewitness, Ben Mallon, said that Kim and Kanye behaved very gently with respect to each other:
"I saw that at some point they kissed during the show." 
Baby North, as reported at the time my mother was sitting on his lap.

However, Kim would not have been a, if not even made a remarkable shot in a zoo. And she did! Kardashian hugged a living symbol of Australia - funny koala. Furry animal, in turn, gently pressed against the 33-year-old TV star. This touching and funny stuff she has published in his microblog, accompanied by the comment:
"Thanks to the Australian zoo. So many good memories."