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Ksenia Sobchak: "I thought Mikhalkov smarter"

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In the new release of its author's program on the channel "Russia 24" by Nikita Mikhalkov replied to the open letter Ksenia Sobchak addressed star director earlier this month. 

If someone else is not up to date, then the presenter made her claim to the filmmaker, who spoke unflattering to her address, and came to the defense of Andrey Makarevich and spoke about their own income and accused of supporting the wrong, in her opinion, the Kremlin's policies.

"As the truth is sewn from scraps of fabric lying?" - The so-called latest issue of its program Mikhalkov, in which the example of the letter itself Sobchak demonstrated the mechanism of falsification of information by compiling scraps of truthful information in the overall fabric of lies.

His "lesson" director began with what I was told the audience about the that previously never responded to these "attacks", but Xenia decided to make an exception.

I am strongly against the lies, fraud, double standards and an amazing sense of impunity permissiveness. I'm against it. That's why I decided to respond to the open letter Ksenia Sobchak. 

Also, the director did not understand the logic of the canvas letters Sobchak. He believes that it is unfair to reward professional links with the state of society and its politics:

And then the "Oscar" and "damn America"? All in a piggy bank, all in cash. It looks like that, anyway, mix some common broth ...

not deny the fact of possession Mikhalkov and luxurious mansion on the Oka River, which he rebukes star. However, it could not disturb the approval is that the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medina and the Minister of Culture of Moscow, Sergei Kapkov were, according to Sobchak, "shocked" by what he saw.

Refutation of these words served as a record of a conversation with the director of officials, that during the conversation said that nothing like this has ever talked famous blonde.

Nikita Mikhalkov

Mikhalkov also took the opportunity to discuss and charity Sobchak: during the program director sounded audio recording a telephone conversation, during which the presenter said unknown interlocutor that she does not care for children.

According to figures of cinema, this act is a perfect example teledivy hypocrisy because she publicly involved in charity work.

noteworthy that Khrushchev said only some of the charges Sobchak, which, incidentally, has already commented on the celebrity answer:

nikita commented on the celebrity answer

- Left a short record TV presenter on his page on the social network.