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Lana Del Rey: Her showcase canceled for health reasons

Posted yesterday by Thomas Mendelssohn Sad news which has just fallen today, the Virgin Radio de Lana Del Rey showcase comes to be cancelled. The health of the singer it unfortunately will not to meet his fans at the Trianon tomorrow night.

Lana Del Rey Her showcase canceled for health reasons

This is a very bad news that awaited us today. At the approach of his Virgin Radio showcase, Lana Del Rey labels, Polydor/Universal Music being forced to cancel its presence at the Trianon tomorrow night. It is in a press release that we learn that medical reasons forced him to take this decision. "Lana Del Rey again should happen tomorrow evening, Sunday, September 14, 2014, on the stage of the Trianon in Paris, for a private showcase for Virgin Radio listeners. For medical reasons beyond our control the artist was forced to cancel all of its promo travel set out in Europe over the next few days. Polydor/Universal Music regret this sad combination of circumstances and apologize for the inconvenience to all those who had planned the move, fans like media."