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Lea Michele and her boyfriend are living together

Lea Michele and her boyfriend are living together

According to 'E!', Actress and Matthew Paetz already share the same roof in Los Angeles.

Lea Michele is increasingly involved with Matthew Paetz. According to the website "E!", He has moved to the home of the actress and the two are living together in Los Angeles. "For them it was a waste of time to go in each other's houses. And he treats her like a queen," a source told the publication.

The courtship began to be released in June, shortly before the death of ex, Cory Monteith, your partner also on the scene in "Glee" series, completing one year. The engagement happened after Paetz participated in the music video for "On My Way".

The boy has been identified as a gigolo and, according to the "TMZ" site, the involvement of the two would have started a few months before to be assumed. In early August, the couple was spotted exchanging affections during a ride.