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Lindsay Lohan made her debut on the London stage

Lindsay Lohan made her debut on the London stage

Lindsay Lohan made her debut on the London theater scene: movie star, who has recently moved to the British capital, has played in the play Speed ​​The Plow - its premiere took place yesterday in the theater Playhouse.

As expected, the public reviews are contradictory: some considered the statement is quite successful, and very very talented actress Lohan, others actively criticize himself David Mamet play, and work celebrity.

main claim to Lohan - the actress is not well learned the text. Browser publication The Daily Beast writes:

On the first night, of course, may be feeling some "raw" material, but in the middle of the play the audience openly laughed at Lohan attempts to reproduce the witty dialogue Mamet. However, in general it was very charming.

The Internet, opinions were divided. Comments are very different - from such:

Excited about the play Speed ​​The Plow! Lindsay Lohan was hearty! Amazing actress!

Until such:

Well, Lindsay was not super, but it should reassure you that Richard Schiff (Partner Lohan on stage - Ed.) Was even worse!

And even these:

This performance is directed at all? Rehearsals were? Absolutely all viewers disappointed. 

Lindsay Lohan made her debut on the London stage

Will we see more Lindsey on the big screen, or she finally decided to devote himself to the theater? As admitted in an interview with actress London Time Out, she was not averse to play in the continuation of one of the most popular of his films - the comedy "Mean Girls," which this year marked ten years:

People like this movie, so why not? I suggested to Tina Fey (TV presenter and actress has been a writer "Mean Girls" - Ed.) Sequel, where the heroine has matured, become housewives and all change their husbands. That would be ridiculous. I will try to persuade Tina to write the script.

Recall except Lohan comedy in 2004 starring Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, Lizzy Caplan, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey herself.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan