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Love Outing! Kim Gloss and Ricardo hold hands

Love Outing! Kim Gloss and Ricardo hold hands

For several months, the rumors keep insistent that maybe A little bit more than just friendly sparks fly between Kim Gloss and her American Idol colleague Ricardo Bielecki. New photos of the two seem like the pictorial evidence of romantic feelings.

On Instagram, Kim posted a new snapshot of the mobile now with Ricardo, on which he wears a black shirt with white print. She's smiling close beside him. However, this image provides only a hint, because it explains who this man is, which hand holds Kim on her latest post. Her companion you can see not the head though, but he wears clear-Ricardo's shirt. Recently, Kim still to Promiflash asserted that the two links really just a friendship. But the photo speaks a completely different language. The fans see this as: "this is Ricardo Bielecki. Kim was a week on Malle with him now. The two were seen hands Yes before continuing. The photo should be the outing for the press and the fans now."

A comment or an explanation to the snapshot has been is unfortunately the 22 year old. Remains to be seen whether Kim not maybe but soon officially makes nails with heads.

Kim Gloss and Ricardo hold hands