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"Love Rehab": Ellen DeGeneres invested in marriage

Love Rehab_ Ellen DeGeneres invested in marriage

What rumors flew whatever the couple Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi in recent weeks around the ears, the two have all the cynics who have already declared their relationship to be over, spotted and they know better. Now Ellen seems literally to invest in their love - namely approximately $ 16 million 

A new love nest to be built for the two women and as a source told Radar Online reveals, Ellen wants to convince her partner finally thereof, wants that she has this not cheating leave yet: "It is a gift that Ellen Portia wants to make in her eyes that is a kind of 'Relationship Rehab' for the two.." All evil rumors despite Ellen had never played with just the thought of leaving her lover in the lurch -. Well and mainly because this has not been a serious addiction phase behind

Then finally everything seems to be well to turn for the better in this Hollywood relationship.