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Marina Ruy Barbosa wears jewelry valued at $ 1 million in event

Marina Ruy full of jewels in Rio event Barbosa

Was one of the famous actress to attend the Fashion's Night Out ', a fashion event that happened on Thursday, 4 in some malls in Rio.

The actress Marina Ruy Barbosa is the new girlfriend of Brazil. The redhead, who is stealing the scene with the bold character Maria Isis in the novel "Empire" was one of the famous at the event Vogue Fashion's Night Out, held at Village shopping mall in Barra da Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro on the night this Thursday, day 4

Marina bet the all white look. Using pasted Agilita brand dress, handbag designer Chanel and scarpins Schutz, she showed sequinho praised its body and curves.

"I'm not working out because of the pace of the recordings. Today, for example, I woke up at 6am morning and so far (20.30) has not yet stopped, "said the redhead did not adhere to fashion zero zero gluten and lactose feeding.

Marina Ruy full of jewels in Rio event Barbosa

About Alexandre Nero: "great friend of scene, just" 

About the chemistry between her and Alexander Nero, Marina says it is only in fiction. "That's great that people are believing in romance. This shows that our work is going well (laughs). Isis Maria is passionate Commander Jose Alfredo is natural and rumors arise. But in real life, we are not together. He is great actor and great friend of the scene, only ", Marina, who sees no problem in dating an older man said. "There have to be rules. Guess that happens, the person will date regardless of age, for example."

Solteira less than a month, Marina used powerful look! Only the jewels are valued at more than £ 1 million, according to a survey of jewelry Amsterdam Sauer. Using ring and necklace with aquamarine stones studded with diamonds, set exceeds £ 610 000 (see photo of the parts). The earrings are also impressive by ostentation. The lone bright, which cost about £ 283 000, combined with the bracelet, sold for £ 147 000. No alliance since broke up with actor Klebber Toledo, Mariana has used rubellite ring with brilliant, it costs less than £ 141 000.

Marina Ruy full of jewels

Marina Ruy jewels

Marina Ruy jewels

Marina Ruy jewels

Marina Ruy

Marina Ruy Barbosa wears necklace aquamarine and diamond. Ask the jeweler Amsterdam Sauer is valued at £ 504 000

Marina Ruy Barbosa uses stone ring with aquamarine and diamond valued at £ 210 000

Earring, ring and bracelet complete the jewels worn by Marina Ruy Barbosa