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Marriage-killer Nick Cannon on Amber's divorce debt?

Marriage-killer Nick Cannon on Amber's divorce debt

It was a little surprising, as is known now that Amber Rose would be actually divorced her husband Wiz Khalifa. As a reason once the standard repertoire belonging irreconcilable differences were indicated more. But it was really only this - or even stuck extramarital activities of the spouses after the break?

Well, Wiz himself at least should already be such a philanderer - but Amber seems to be with other gentlemen to understand thoroughly. After the separation was known, came very quickly to the rumor, Nick Cannon was the straw that broke the camel's back - after all, he is said to have admitted not only visiting with Amber. Before of this Munkelei more could be done, according to TMZ Nick raised an objection: nothing had ever happened between him and the 30-year-olds. From Amber's problems in Casa Rose-Khalifa he would only learn when he came with lawyers of his new client contact to sign contracts with them.

Nevertheless: More sources To want have chattering, one to Each other make the accusation of the page jump on the separation willing pair. Who here really cheated on who - and in particular with Which one third person - remains, at least for the time being, unknown...