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Matt Prokop banned from approaching the Sarah Hyland

Matt Prokop banned from approaching the Sarah Hyland

Not all couples manage to part ways peacefully: Sarah Hyland in General had to seek assistance from lawyers in order to protect themselves from meetings with former boyfriend Matt Prokop Voskovec.

We remind that in late August it became known that the actors, who have been together for five years, "decided to remain friends." But now it turns out that the parting was not so friendly.

At least, according to Hyland, in May during an argument Prokop "pressed it to the machine, choked and threatened" this is indicated in the statement, which the actress turned to the police.

During another altercation, according to Sarah, she had to call for help a colleague on the series "modern family" Julie Bowen that she helped them with Matt "peacefully end the relationship".

Hyland also said that Prokop "threatened the safety of her dog and threatened to set fire to her house."

Now the 24-year-old Matt temporarily forbidden by law to even come close to the 23-year-old former lover. Attorney actress says:

Out of respect for both sides of this case I would recommend Miss Highland do not give any comments.

Hopefully this story will end happily and the police no longer have to intervene in the conflict, the ex-lovers.