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Mexican authorities require fine Miley Cyrus

Almost no show Miley Cyrus is not without minor or major scandal. Outside United States singer especially often hits the big history: previously, for example, the MEDIA reported that Dominican authorities banned Cyrus to speak. Now the new incident, this time in Mexico.

The country star is allowed to speak, but now want to fine. Local government demands to punish Miley for "disrespect to the national flag". Was it disrespectful so: while Cyrus has shown viewers their favorite "tverking", one of the dancers slapped against her ass on the Mexican flag.

The representative of the country's legislature, Francisco Trevino explained that the singer and her team could face a fine of $ 1200 or even detain for 36 hours.

By the way, regarding national symbols in Mexico generally strict orders: a few years ago the singer Paulina Rubio was fined because she posed nude, turning in a Mexican flag.