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Mila Kunis: hunting for her baby bump becomes a torment

Do not feel like paparazzi

Slowly but surely it's getting serious: The Birth of Mila Kunis the first child is imminent! Long since have sometimes joins the anticipation of the baby true nervousness and panic, which the soon-to-mom with a lot of yoga would like to get a grip. For additional stress likely there's always the seismogram paparazzi pack ensure that pursues Milas XXL baby bump at every turn.

No wonder then that the actress hit only his hands to his face in all the excitement can! Head down, Mila left now a yoga studio in Los Angeles and showed the photographer not once her beautiful face. Too much she was busy, to protect it from the prying lenses of the paparazzi. The latter seemed not to interfere further, eventually Milas growing body of middle catcher enough!

Too much one would wish the expectant mom well that those chase very soon come to an end. Probably but that hype will go with the birth of her supposed daughter only in the next round: after a ball then Mila pushes a stroller in front of them - the paparazzi in Los Angeles will be the face of these images are probably already licking your fingers afterwards!