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Miley Cyrus on Liam Hemsworth: "I love Liam and Liam loves me"

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth broke off the engagement a year ago, but it seems that during this time the singer is not lost interest in the former fiance. She rarely speaks to reporters about the ex-boyfriend, but in an interview with Australian Channel Seven, said:

I love Liam and Liam loves me

Recall not so long ago, the press reported that Hemsworth speaks highly of the former bride, calling her "best friend" and talking about a strong bond with her.

In the same interview, the singer talks about his song Wrecking Ball, a clip which was named the best video of the year during a recent ceremony MTV VMA 2014:

This is a song about finding yourself and that I needed to break free .

course, Miley asked the question of her sensational performance with Robin teak at last year's ceremony channel MTV. Why star decided to dress so openly?

I just like to dress. I never think about what others say about me. And I've always loved fashion. I grew up watching Dolly Parton, who has always flaunted her breasts.

Miley Cyrus

Role model for Miley is and Elvis Presley - as claimed by the singer, and it was he who came up with tverking - a peculiar dance that Cyrus has made so popular.

Elvis, of course, did not wear these costumes, what I wear, but he, too, went out and arranged tverking. No one wants to admit it, but he did!
He was a sex symbol, but no one ever accused of riot, because he is a man. This is the double standards with which I struggle. 

Now we understand that Miley wants to tell us his outrageous performances!