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Actress Molly Glynn died: Chicago Fire star killed by tree

It is a shock to the fire-series "Chicago Fire" family, relatives and fans: Actress Molly Glynn is dead She died on Saturday at the age of 46 years, after she was killed while cycling from a tree.
Glynn was with her husband Joe Foust in a forest near Chicago on bike ride, as the couple was surprised by a sudden storm. Compared to the Chicago Tribune described the tragic events Foust: While the two were trying to get to safety before the storm, a tree was uprooted by the strong winds that hit the stage actress. Her husband was also hit by a tree branch, but he had not been injured, he informed. Because of the storm the ambulance took 20 minutes before he arrived at the scene. . Hospital in the performer then succumbed to her injuries

Molly Glynn died: Chicago Fire star killed by tree

Glynn, mainly in their secondary role as a doctor in "Chicago Fire" became known to a wider audience next to the theater, leaving two sons: Chance (17) and Declan ( 13). In Facebook, her husband now adopted with a touching gesture: He posted a picture of himself on which he carries both his and Molly's wedding ring.