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New Photos with Mummy gesture: Michelle Hunziker holds here her baby bump?

Michelle Hunziker wid here baby

Since a few weeks, the rumor mill is running hot when it comes to Michelle Hunziker belly. Leave some snapshots suggest that the presenter is expecting another child. On other turn is nothing to see as a perfectly flat midsection. So far, there is confusion, but now heats Michelle even the speculation further, because at current pictures she is seen with her family at the playground - where they drew attention to himself with a pretty pregnant gesture!

On a beautiful afternoon Michelle and Tomaso Trussardi have now been spotted with daughter Sole in the park on a children's playground. The dual-Mom playing with her cute princess in the sandbox and obviously enjoyed the time with the family. Actually, everything normal, and yet Michelle behaved striking. After several times she put her hand protectively on her stomach, a typical gesture that is known primarily for expectant mothers. Is the beautiful Michelle So actually pregnant for the third time?.

Perhaps the 37-year-old had simply abdominal pain, but one thing is certain: Michelle can certainly be that the speculation about their family planning by such public gestures guaranteed to not be torn down.

New Photos with Mummy gesture: Michelle Hunziker