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New Sounds: Pink dares a musical experiment

New Sounds Pink dares a musical experiment

They are quite unusual

It is not only the wild rock singer, also a singer Pink has already proven many times in her long career, she can write ballads and interpret that go immediately into the heart and long reverberate in the sense channel. Unusual but is her latest musical project, in which they called together with fellow Dallas Green, better known as City and Colour, quiet guitar tones strikes.

"You and Me" is the first single, which will publish the same Duo "You + Me", the accompanying album "rose ave" will be available starting October 14. How HitFix reports, the two learned about Pink's husband Carey Hart know, the musicians promptly felt the impulse to want to write songs together. What is the outcome? Apparently it has become a spectrum of songs that hit less on the timpani and thanks subtle tunes fully concentrate on the voices of the two. At least "You and Me" is as atmospheric tracks both enough space to leave a melancholy and dreamy impression on the audience.

But enough of the description, but let you pick by yourself from the song.:

New Sounds Pink dares a musical experiment