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New sweetheart Robert Pattinson was the victim of a racist

New sweetheart Robert Pattinson was the victim of a racist

Since the beginning of September, there are rumors that the hero of girls dreams Robert Pattinson no longer lonely. A week ago, rumors began to be these: finally emerged, looking at that photo, we can more confidently assert that the couple before us.

And as soon as the pictures with Pattinson and his likely new lover-British singer Waist Barnett-hit the net, the latter was not politically incorrect statements from the female fans: "Twilight" stars. Twitter users have been addressed to the Waist along the following lines: "you look like a monkey, I can't believe Robert was kissing you" and "unbelievable that Robert gave up the divine Kristen on the monkey".

Meanwhile, Talia Barnett (also known under the pseudonym FKA Twigs) was born and raised in Gloucestershire. Her father is Jamaican and her mother is Anglo-Spanish roots. The baiting with clear racist character she responded with Tweet read:

Racist remarks that appeared last week on my "wall", caused me to shock and disgust. Racism is not acceptable in the modern-day reality, and on the Internet.

However, they say, such behaviour of people is no stranger to the singer: she grew up in a small town and went to a Catholic school, and tolerance has not been a strong feature of her classmates. Talia said in an interview:

People were saying a lot of bad that doesn't depend on me. But that's OK. Life is such a thing-nobody said it would be easy. The rocks surrounding the why to me, considering my looks ridiculous and ugly.

But Robert Pattinson is clearly not among them: obviously, could charm the Waist of the actor. So much so that he recently announced his intention to leave Los Angeles and return home to the UK. In a recent interview with one of the foreign media Robert admitted that California is atmosphere relaxing him too:

In Los Angeles, constantly feel like on a vacation-the atmosphere here has no pull yourself together and to do something serious. I came here when I was 22. And I have a feeling that with 22 years of my life-continuous vacation.

So the actor is going to move to London. Something tells us that such a decision it makes not only a desire to engage in serious cases and the longing for home. Thalia also lives and writes in London. Whether it was not the real reason for statements about moving? So far can only guess.

Waist Barnett

Robert Pattinson and Waist Barnett