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Nicki Minaj tells the magazine about difficult childhood and abuse of his father: 'I was scared'

Singer gave an interview to the magazine 'Now' and said that his father was an extremely violent man.

Nicki Minaj gave an interview to "Now" magazine where she talked about her difficult childhood in Trinidad and Tobago. The father of the singer was chemically dependent. "A lot of discussions, a lot of screaming -.. Had punched holes in the wall by my father and the police would visit us often I was afraid Very afraid that something happened to my mother," she said

The rapper continued the rant:. "My mother left him many times, but again I remember one time he pushed her out of the car and dragged for two blocks, "he said.

According to the website" Perez Hilton ", the singer had already spoken to his childhood suffered caused her to be successful. "When I came to America, I went to my room, knelt at the foot of the bed and prayed that God would make me rich so I take care of my mother."