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"No Merkel": Kader Loth found unimportant

Kader Loth

Kader Loth is undoubtedly one of the best-known It Girls of the nation. In the Boulevard, it has its place firmly secured. No wonder they still have great entertainment value, and often presents itself on the red carpets of various events. No matter to which gossip topic is: The opinion of the 41-year-old is always in demand and they are also like their two cents to Gossip stories from. But she is aware. There are more important people than they

Of Celebrity Flash responded to the reactions after their stay in Africa for the Trash format Wild Girls, squad responded as follows: "So I'm not stoned. Look here: I'm not a pig. " And, although she was at the moment in Berlin on the Kurfürstendamm crowded of people and has celebrity status. "I'm not important, I'm not Mrs. Merkel," she added.

Kader Loth

Well, what will probably say? A comparison between Kader Loth and Angela Merkel is at least once a slightly different idea.