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Of dispute no trace: So casual holiday Beyoncé and Jay-Z

After Beyoncé and Jay-Z was long, it would kriseln in their relationship, they now seem increasingly to want to demonstrate harmony. Regularly appear on the two photos that show her in a romantic escapade and do not want evidence of bad mood or even a separation. Even now published photos of the two that they show in a good mood.

Paparazzi weighed two from now in total harmony. Currently vacationing the musician duo namely in Italy, more precisely in Portofino to there nachzufeiern Beyoncé's 33rd birthday. And they have done visibly relaxed! The main person was found in a floral pink and black bikini, to which they combined gold chains, a cool straw hat and a colorful backpack. But not only them, even her husband seemed to like it casual and strolled in swim shorts and polo shirt next to his wife her.

With such images seem to want to demonstrate both their marital bliss and all the negative headlines to declare war .