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Oscar Pistorius is guilty of manslaughter

Oscar Pistorius is guilty of manslaughter

On Thursday, the Court of South Africa recognized the unproven accusation Paralympic Oscar Pistorius in the first-degree murder of his girlfriend Riva Stinkamp, ​​but the final sentence imposed athlete today.

Just learned that Pistorius was found guilty of manslaughter. Also proven guilty in a case concerning the use of weapons in a public place (we are talking about another incident - shooting at a restaurant in 2013).

Recall that adjusts the charge on the recognition of Oscar guilty of murder - then it would be threatened a prison term of 25 years and above.

for manslaughter, according to the laws of South Africa, is provided for up to 15 years. The minimum duration of conclusion is not regulated by law, so how much time the defendant will spend in prison, the judge determines.