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Papa thank you: Miley Cyrus

She is thick in the business since her childhood days and is adored by millions of kids all over the world, but also a Miley Cyrus has even bad days and quarrels with their situation – be it because of the criticism their Twerking or because of the broken relationship with Liam Hemsworth. But fortunately there is a person who always keeps her happiness in mind you also in her life: her father of Billy Ray Miley Cyrus. And for his support, Miley thanked now in their own unique way.

On Instagram, the Miley Cyrus shared a short message that has recently received from her father. "Japan The story of my life. You're crazy to be down in the dumps. You're one of the luckiest persons of this world at the moment. ENJOY IT! Was not like me and Miss everything, while you all the time to worry about crap, you can not influence. That would make a bitter, old man out of you, and that's not cool", it's that.

Pretty plastic words that obviously arrived at Miley. So, she replied:
"I love my dad @billyraycyrus. I think that's why Me too love @waynecoyne5. He has to A lot of the same philosophy as my dad, who is the most magic Hillbilly sorcerer of all time." 
The connection between Miley and her father seems simply characterized by pure magic to be - magical!

Papa thank you_Miley Cyrus