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Paparazzi siege: North West as a photo object

Paparazzi siege North West as a photo object

Whether the small North West already understands what is going on when the flashing lights of photographers bedazzle? Just arrived in Paris, the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West with her parents on the way to the hotel for photo object number one.

Mama Kim was that ever a wide white coat executed their autumn clothes protected herself with a big black sunglasses from the paparazzi. Nori was sitting a little scared in her stroller, the Kanye maneuvered through the French capital. Only at Papa's arm she felt more at ease and smiled sometimes timid in the round. The West Sprout wore a comfy travel outfit consisting of black leggings, white Turnsch├╝hchen and a padded green jacket. The muted colors fit perfectly with Kanye look that also was wearing black jeans and a dark jacket. Whether Kim has previously planned?

Inspiration for new family outfits and dad-daughter partners Looks are then probably collected during Fashion Week.

North West as a photo object