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Persistent speculation: Michelle Hunziker in a double-baby happiness?

Michelle Hunziker pregnant

Shortly after Michelle Hunziker brought her little sun on the world, it was the first rumors that there might immediately have a little sibling for Sole. In fact, they might already have been pregnant at the time again, for now Michelle told herself that she is in the fourth month.

Michelle Hunziker baby happiness

Now of course there are the first speculation about what is growing there under her heart. Will it this time a boy? At her last public appearance at the weekend made it the pretty blonde wearing a dress that stifled all speculation about a growing baby belly in the bud immediately. However, many believe: Michelle gets not only a child, but this time equal to twins! This assumption is widely used by many media, for example, because the moor, that the common holiday in Versilia was canceled in July immediately and Michelle and Tomaso were then seen in a gynecological practice. But this would have been the case with a normal pregnancy.

Nevertheless, the twin rumors hold stubbornly. Maybe discloses Michelle but soon find themselves on what they can look forward to in a few months, and if it is indeed a sweet pair of twins.