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photo hacking scandal: THIS man is the culprit!

photo hacking scandal_John Randall Meneses

He has numerous nude photos of Hollywood stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton in the circulation, and thus brought the stakeholders in a rather unpleasant situation. Now finally know everybody who is behind the scandal: John Randall Meneses, who lives in the city of Las Vegas. He is, however, aware of any wrongdoing:
"I have done nothing wrong," 
he now said in his first interview after becoming aware of his identity

the contrary. "If people want to call me hero or cyber-warriors, I will not stop them, "he revealed in an interview with Daily Mail even with a slight pride. Finally, he had merely brought photos in circulation, the other had stolen before.
 "I have only good clicked Posts linked, I have uploaded or downloaded a single photo" 
 guilt about the whole thing so be ultimately the hackers - and also the sacrifices he makes an indirect accusation by saying:
 I've never done nude photos of me, and I have not before.

What it is way more concern than anything else in all seriousness, the HIS privacy is now gone. Meneses regrets having circulated the pics under his real name through an anonymous text that appeared in the "Washington Post", his identity behind was unveiled given falls a confident computer nerd only the following:.
I'm not happy about it, but it happened. The Nixon administration could not stop the 'Washington Post' it to reveal Watergate - what hope is there to me?