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Pixie Geldof: Her first appearance after death Peaches

Pixie Geldof_ Her first appearance after death Peaches

It's been almost five months since the terrible news of Peaches Geldof (✝25) came death to the public. Not only for their fans came the death of the young mother surprising. Her family showed up after the blow hardly in the public and tried to process gradually the grief. Now her younger sister decided back before the cameras to contact and showed for the first time after the death of her sister at an event. Celebrity Flash was there, as Pixie Geldof  made her first unsteady steps before the cameras in Berlin at a Sony event.

In a gold-colored skirt and a dark shell Pixie stepped towards the photographer. Again and again flashed the 23-year-olds a smile on the lips, but most of the time they looked more uncertain. Later, the young girl was sitting with friends together and chatted relaxed, but always searched her eyes for possible photographers. It is obvious that you do to create media attention yet. Interviews they wanted to give none.

Pixie Geldof

Pixie Geldof