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Quietly and secretly: Veronica Ferres married

Veronica Ferres married

This weekend it seems all over the world to be only one topic: the romantic mega-wedding of George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin. Because it lends itself really well but to also get married this weekend, if you yourself are prominent and emphasis on privacy. And that is exactly what Veronica Ferres and Carsten Maschmeyer did.

Very quietly, the actress and the financial entrepreneurs gave yesterday in South France vows. Actually was leaked some time ago that the two wanted to enter the port of marriage until today. But apparently the newly married couple curious outside world has been mugged and contrary to all expectations calmly married a day early. So only the 100 most important people were present in her life on her big day, as the picture says. All guests were previously invited by phone call the bride and groom personally. Only the info that they should come to southern France on 27 September have given it. There, the couple should have picked them up and surprise you with a pompous ceremony.

For over five and a half years are Ferres and Maschmeyer a pair. For both it is the second marriage.