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Robert Downey Jr. 's son: Judgment in drug trial

Robert Downey Jr. 's son Judgment in drug trial

Now even so the Son! A few weeks ago was Indio, the 20-year-old offspring of Robert Downey Jr, was arrested for cocaine possession. No question that the Iron Man his son is in this situation to: After all, he had to fight in the past, even with drug problems. And so the Hollywood star was of course the possibility for the verdict in the courtroom.

Before the judge Indigo gave the drug story frankly. Since the incident two months ago, the celebrity son is in rehab - and obviously makes great progress: the court had before it a letter of praise Rehab facility. A nod to the famous father of the accused was the judge during the trial not resist: "I know that people in life always look up to superheroes, but I think you could contact a superhero or insights into his life have - the is 'Iron Man'. " In fact, Indio could take his dad as a model. Finally, has the bounce of the drugs made it in time.

At the end of the process Indio was found guilty. The judge, however, said he could make us forget the condemnation if he 18 months clean and sober and stay concluding his program. During this time, the son of Robert Downey Junior is not surrounded by people who sell, buy or consume drugs.

Robert Downey Jr. 's son Judgment in drug