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Role and Title Song: Rihanna in new Bond film?

Rihanna in new Bond film

The rumor mill, who could be the next Bond girl, bubbling violently. Cara Delevingne just as in conversation as Let's Dance Star Isabel Edvardsson. But it is in the end, Rihanna? A source unpacked now!

"There was definitely talks to join the cast as a Bond girl., But it will not be the Bond girl, the most focus, if she gets the role. It is more a glorified cameo," the source told compared to Hollywood Life. The singer had been addressed mainly to contribute the theme song to the 24th James Bond film. The role would be just an added bonus.
If there is going to Rihanna, she was definitely in the project, already know the insider alleged. Finally, she was a big fan of the series. The strip, in which Daniel Craig once more play the main role and Sam Mendes is made, is scheduled for release in November 2015.