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Roma Acorn scandal on child Prize «Kinder МУЗ Awards»

Roma Acorn scandal on child Prize_Kinder МУЗ Awards

The singer refused to go on stage and left the concert hall

The first in the history of the Russian show business children's music award «Kinder МУЗ Awards», held for the second time in Moscow ended in scandal involving the idol of teenagers Roma Acorn. 18-year-old singer said the organizers of the award, General producer Yana Rudkovskoj and channel "Muz-TV", which does not want to go on stage. The reason for the perturbation of the artist was the refusal of the organizers to adjust the technical equipment under his live performance. Organizers felt that the vocal Roman unlikely to allow him to sing without corrections "one take" and allow multiple attempts due to the hard schedule of other artists was not possible. Acorn, ignoring all obligations and agreements, with the scandal left the concert hall "Crocus City Hall" and ripped his speech. As a result, one of the nominees Award, 13-year-old Melissa Mustafa, who was supposed to participate in the room with acorns and especially for this came to Moscow from Krasnodar, and could not go on stage. Upon learning that her idol had gone, the girl burst into tears and ran the whole show in the dressing room, where her parents are reassured.

organizers of the event were shocked by the antics of the singer. Roma tried to stop the TV presenter Andrey Malakhov, writing in his "tweet": "I think you'd better go back!"

Andrey Malakhov, writing in his tweet

However, the singer refused to return to the site. Most troubled behavior Acorn Yana Rudkovskaja who personally invited him for the award, despite the fact that the director of "Muz-TV" Arman Davletyarov was against his participation. According to the producer of Dima Bilan, in his most offensive outburst that Acorn threw his fans, including children from orphanages.

Roma Acorn

Upon learning that the Roma left, Melissa burst into tears and spent the whole show in the dressing room, where she reassured parents