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Sabia Boulahrouz: Is their relationship calculated?

Sabia Boulahrouz relationship

Recently, the two were again completely in love on the red carpet: In Sabia Boulahrouz and Rafael van der Vaart, the feelings seem almost to boil. And after all the drama and the setbacks in the past few months - which is probably the secret of Love two? Supposedly white Sabia exactly how they can make their Rafael happy ...

"Sylvie has Sabia during the marriage with Rafael finally told everything, and so Sabia had enough time to prepare for their lives with Rafael. She knew, for example, that Rafael is on sexy dresses, what he likes in bed and what sexual desires Sylvie him but never fulfilled ", now declared an insider told InTouch. "

Sylvie has creamed every night before going to bed with expensive creams. Moreover, they often wore curlers at night, so hair the next day covered beautifully. Therefore Wild Love Games did not come for her question." Sabia will now read all his every wish their loved ones.

Know everything about Sabia and love?