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She is still on probation: Amanda Bynes was arrested again

Amanda Bynes was arrested again

Amanda Bynes was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs

For months, caused Amanda Bynes almost daily with new shock images and bad news for headlines, they finally seemed finally take control of their lives to have lost. However, recently, she gave the impression, but to have again turned the corner, more and more often she was seen in public again, while Amanda was actually a healthy and fresh. But it was all just a facade?

 For now, the actress was arrested in California for driving under the influence. According to media reports, police found that a celebrity is under the influence of some illicit drugs.

 Amanda Bynes

Amanda was taken to the police station, but in the afternoon were released on bail of 15 thousand dollars. A month later, the actress will appear in court. Complicating her situation that has not yet ended the trial period length of three years, which she was appointed for a similar offense in 2012. Sadly, the past experience of 28-year-old Bynes, apparently learned nothing.

Recall that because of his inappropriate behavior in the past year, Amanda was first in a psychiatric hospital, then in Rehab. However, as reported in the press, after the courses of treatment the actress returned to a normal life and even going to study design in order to devote himself to fashion.

Amanda Bynes was arrested