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Singer Timati urgently hospitalized

Singer Timati urgently hospitalized

At the video shoot for a new duet song hip-hop Timatiand artist Grigory Leps scenario had to float suspended on a rope from the ceiling.

Timur Yunusov decided to perform all the tricks without the aid of a stuntman. During the filming of one of the duplicates singer accidentally fell from the 4-meter height.

- Everything happened like in the movies. Fell awake - gypsum - said 28-year-old star patient.
 - It was an accident, because usually on the garter I fly myself, and had no problems. I was saved by the fact that he managed to regroup.

When it became clear that a simple injury it has not been on the set called an ambulance.

Singer taken to a Moscow clinic, and then immediately transferred to the examination at the Research Center of Radiology.

Fortunately, the picture has shown that this is just a crack, but in a hospital bed idol would have to spend at least two weeks.

- Timur is doing well, already walking, although it is forbidden - told in the clinic.

Because of the injury Timothy miss a number of planned concerts and even Muz-TV, but the organizers are ready to meet the artist, because the rapper saved only fortune.

- I simply born under a lucky - said Timur.
- To lie here the allotted time, discharge and immediately to the shooting, it is necessary dosnyat movie.