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So was Richard Lugner ,81 years, and Spatzis wedding night

Lugners and Spatzis wedding night

The people on a lot of things are happy at a wedding and a question that secretly is a burning under the nails, is that after the wedding night. The Lugners she should be expired probably relatively unspectacular.

G dreamed of a fairytale wedding and she got them After all also. In a bling bling robe she was officially on Schloss Schönbrunn in Austria last weekend to Mrs. Lugner. After the wedding, a lavish feast followed that only by a romantic wedding night would be possible in the shadow. As Richard Lugner (81) Promiflash, but never came. That addressed, he says only: "Tonight little is playing for themselves, because we have to pack a suitcase." Uh-oh, that doesn't sound but after a fine start to married life. Because it comes after the stressful weeks of planning and preparation but in the honeymoon, the first missed wedding night could be compensated so again.