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Sporty! Lena Gercke is now the Fitness Guru

Lena Gercke is now the Fitness Guru

Since Lena Gercke won first place at Germany's next top model, her career goes steeply uphill. As a model, she quickly made an international name and also as a presenter, among other things, the Austrian equivalent of "Austria's Next Top Model" and The Super Talent, the blonde takes off properly. Now the multi-talent has a new career goal: She wants to conquer the world of fitness.

On the fitness platform atamba is Lena before her new 10-week program. The concept is simple: The participant receives an individual sport and nutrition plan, you can download recipes and workouts on the internet platform and document his success using an app - all of and with Lena Gercke. With her great figure and their sporting discipline Lena is a great role model for people who want to get in shape. Finally, her body is her capital and Lena's body is a compelling argument to emulate their fitness role model:
 I was no one who says I am size zero or I want to go there But I really want to embody the Healthy I just know.. that the very thin and not healthy.
she told RTL.

And - Lena's ultimate tip to come to power through your day:
Stuffs do not be so full, though it tastes delicious, but afterwards you are totally flat and can do anything That's why I eat lunch just' nen salad, because it's me. Power is - I can go directly after.
Since women can probably better identify with a feminine fitness coach, they will probably find their followers, especially among female workout fans who want to emulate their idol.