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Taylor Swift explain why she wears cat Olivia Benson with him to New York City

Taylor Swift explain why she wears cat Olivia Benson with him to New York City

What a charming kitty! On the pages of many media this week, there were pictures of Taylor Swift and Olivia Benson. No, this is not a new girlfriend singer (though I may say so), it's her snow-white cat. In an interview with Access Hollywood during the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas woman explained why it is in a lovely creation of New York.

"At first I wanted to put Olivia in a special bag, but she was very afraid of is there. Little heart almost jumped out and chest, she behaved very hectic. So I decided not to irritate her once again and thought, "Well, let's do it differently", "- said Taylor.

Swift has accused that she uses her cat as an accessory when he walks her through the streets Big Apple. And why not? And the cat for a walk, and Taylor nicely.

«It was like what if I go out of the house to the car, only a little longer. It behaves very calmly. The most amazing thing - it's the way she looks straight into the camera, even where I did not notice "- enthuses actress.

Olivia Taylor appeared at the June 18, what she did not forget to report worldwide through Instagramm. In addition to the white lump of happiness in Swift is also a cat Meredith (named after the heroine Ellen Pompeo of "Grey's Anatomy"). Singer believes that complements her kitty places puppet image. However, even if there is no Olivia in the hands of his beloved mistress, Swift still looks very cute in their kilts and bright lipstick.

«I love New York. Style inherent in this city and its residents, inspires me. Moreover, thanks to twenty photojournalists who just follow me every day, I am more responsible for what I'm wearing, "- said with a smile Swift.