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Thanks to Angelina Jolie: More women in cancer screening

It is a severe stroke of fate - the diagnostic breast cancer. However, in most cases, early detection of the disease may increase the chances of recovery. Angelina Jolie has gone even a step further and had to amputate as a precaution both breasts. And supposedly the number of breast cancer screenings in the UK alone should have doubled since their surgery.

Last year the actress announced that she had an increased risk by 87 percent, to breast cancer. Therefore, she took the drastic measure to have a breast removal. As BBC reported now, have many British women taken an example on the actress and taken more seriously the breast cancer screening. The scientists speak since then by the "Angelina Jolie effect". "When she announced that performing a mastectomy would let them due to their increased risk of cancer, this statement had a greater influence than other celebrity messages probably. A professor from the University of Manchester said probably due to its image of a glamorous and strong woman".

"This action is the fear of patients, their sexual identity after a reduced to lose such surgery, and encouraged to be tested for women", so the Professor continues. Because Angelina back sexy and confident showed up shortly after her operation.

Thanks to Angelina Jolie_More women in cancer screening