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The star of "Dom-2" Aliana Gobozova swallowed sleeping pills after a dispute with her husband

Aliana Gobozova swallowed sleeping pills

Participant "House-2" was hospitalized with acute poisoning

Star of the reality show "Dom-2" Aliana Gobozova (real name Alina Astratyan) on September 5, the ambulance was taken to the toxicological department of the Institute Sklifosovsky with acute poisoning hypnotic. 20-year-old participant telestroyki hospitalized Zimenki village near Moscow, where, Aliana took an unacceptable rate of sleeping pills Donormil. By the way, the use of this drug is prohibited nursing mothers, and the girl brings a four son Robert. It is noteworthy that a week earlier in the same clinic got Lena Perov, editor of music broadcast of the channel.

On a desperate act contestant reality show cpodvig domestic conflict with her husband Alexander Gobozova: 32-year-old man beat a young wife. Two days later he's come to take Alianu of the toxicology department.

Recall, the couple were married in December last year, six months later, the family Gobozova replenished son Robert, but the family idyll continued long. Now Gobozova full swing preparing for divorce. During a short marriage Aliane managed to become the happy owner of a one-room studio in Moscow, she won an apartment at the "Man of the Year" in the framework of the project "Dom-2". Kush Alia immediately became a stumbling block: the show participants and bloggers are widely discussed, it is necessary if the "person of the year" to share his trophy in a divorce.

Aliana Gobozova swallowed sleeping pills