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Their last days before death: Amy Winehouse was unable to walk at the end

Their last days Amy Winehouse

The death of Amy Winehouse (✝27) has now been more than three years. Amy's mother Janis Winehouse Now, reports say. She has written a book in memory of their deceased daughter, which appears under the name "Amy Loving". In it she also reports on the last day of the talented singer.

Your alcohol problem was at the end so bad that Amy hardly had under control and every visit for the mother to torture was. "I could not sit and just watch her doing there," she writes. In Amy's house everywhere broken white wine bottles were. She was last so drunk that she had to be carried down the stairs by her bodyguard Andrew Morris, because she could no longer walk. "It was obvious that he has washed them and dressed and had tried to make her beehive hairstyle to make it look decent." You've always smelled strongly of alcohol, the strong smell was "come from every pore."

All proceeds from the book sales to flow in the way the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which supports organizations that help vulnerable people.

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Amy Winehouse Their last days death