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Vera Brezhneva revealed his secret flat tummy

Vera Brezhnev revealed his secret flat tummy

Singer Vera Brezhneva gave some practical advice for those who want to find the perfect figure.

Singer and recognized beautiful Vera Brezhneva continues to advise its subscribers in the net on a perfect appearance. This time, Vera decided to pay attention to this issue as a flat stomach. Anyone who would like to gain a slim figure and relief muscle should get to know her advice.

«If you want a flat stomach beautiful - you need to observe two important points. The first - the power to regulate and establish thereby the metabolism, and the second - to train "- warns Vera. She believes that sufficient standard exercises for the press, but it is necessary to observe the unity of the two factors. If you do one thing, the result will be. "Exercise, but do not eat - the stomach is in good shape inside, but the top will still be soft prosloechka. Eat well, but do not exercise - belly is flat, but not embossed (also an option), "- says Brezhnev. It also addresses their fans to the Internet, where, according to her, you can find any set of exercises for both beginners and more experienced in the matter of weight loss girls. "I remind you - the lack of the summer season is not a reason to relax! Our tummies are seen not only in bathing suits! "- Threatens lastly star.

As an inspiring and motivating frame Faith placed in the" Instagrame "photo own flat stomach, and also assured that immediately goes rock press. Mother of two children can only envy - after birth, she has managed to keep himself in great shape. Believe that even if Vera decides to another baby - and in fact this desire she had stated, and to confirm his words poyavlals in perinatal center "Lapino" - Brezhneva able to maintain her figure in perfect condition.

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