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Vitaly Sedyuk told about the attack on Kim Kardashian

Vitaly Sedyuk told about the attack on Kim Kardashian

Vitaly Sedyuk who attacked the other day on Kim Kardashian, commented on his act. It turned out that the journalist has chosen a new victim is no accident - it came to showing the brand Balmain, which took place in the framework of the Paris Fashion Week, knowing that it will telediva.

I assumed that Kim will be present at the show Balmain, because she is friends with the designer of the brand. You could say that I came on the show only because of her. I knew that she would be one of the biggest stars at the event.

However harm celebrities infamous native of Ukraine did not intend:

If on-site Kim turned Kanye West, I would did it the same as I had previously done with Bradley Cooper and Leonardo DiCaprio. But with Kardashian, I was very careful - she's a woman, so I just hugged her legs.

Furthermore, Sedyuk noted that the area near the building where the event was held fashion, there were no representatives of the police, and because there was some kind of an incredible number of reporters and ordinary onlookers.

recall, after a couple of hours after the incident, the man told the press that the "prank" was a kind of protest against the fact that he was denied entry into the United States.

Vitaly Sedyuk