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Viviane Araújo about controversial video "Nothing like a day after another"

Viviane Araújo about controversial video
Varu woke up early on Wednesday, 24, and published a message on Instagram on which shows to be fine after the controversy of the "sex" tape that had his name involved. "Good morning, my lovelies. Nothing like a day after another. All calm, calmly. Wisdom. God in charge, "she wrote on the social network.

Later, Viviane Araújo published another picture on the social network in which appears next to Luciano Huck and a friend during recording of "bad" wheel framework of the program "Huck's Kettle". "Recording Bad comLuciano wheel Huck. And the driver of the round is kicking my friend Sonia. You can't lose. Guaranteed fun, "she said in the caption of the click.

On Monday, 22, Viviane became aware of a video involving his name that was running on the internet. In it, you can see a black car parked on a deserted Street, supposedly to 5:17 of 14 September this year. As a result, a man opens the door, descends from the car, put the pants and then his wife shows up naked and on her back. Because of this, Viviane argued that on the date that appears in the images she was overlapped with his samba school, returning from a rehearsal with friends. "What they did today to me was a cruelty. Put a video as if I was having sex with a random person on the street. I'm here to tell you it wasn't me, and I have to prove that it wasn't me ", she said at the time.

The actress, who is in the air in "Empire", is already taking legal measures to clarify the case. According to information of the lawyer Regina Notini, next Thursday, 25, will be made a record of the case at the station of crackdown on Computer Crimes. "I received this video for my cell phone and showed the Viviane. The record has to be made for the police to find out who published such images. We haven't been to the station because Viviane is recording a lot, "he told the lawyer.

Viviane Araújo