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Who gets custody? Wiz Khalifa is fighting for his son

Started as soon as the public war between Rose Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa, one suspects nothing good. There will probably be no amicable divorce. . Because after Amber has claimed the sole custody of their son, Wiz stops immediately and on the other hand is his hand on the shared custody

After the rapper and his wife to have been unfaithful several times, it was for the 30-year-old: so funny! She left her husband and wants him now hit as hard as humanly possible obviously. And what could a father do worse than to deprive him of his own son. But to exploit the small Sebastian for a War of the Roses is an extreme measure. Wiz can not demand Ambers unanswered, as TMZ reported, signaling that he will fight for his son. However, the former Hip Hop Glamour couple lives in California and there could triumph Wiz. The demand for the sole custody is considered in most cases as a sign of revenge, joint custody does however as the best solution in terms of the child's welfare.

The existing marriage contract both want ex-partner maintained Amber gets loud document a severance payment of over one million dollars. The rapper had married the model until about a year ago, their son Sebastian "Bash" is also only a year old.