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Wild bike ride! Stefan Raab stopped by police

TV veteran and host Stefan Raab is seemingly unbeatable in his hit show den Raab. It not, looks like there was on the streets of Göttingen he now during a fast-paced bike ride held by the police.

Stefan was namely on the road with his bicycle in Göttingen, contrary to a one-way street. The police then moved the moderator from the traffic and held a "verkehrserzieherisches conversation" with him according to the Göttinger Tageblatt. Stefan got away with a warning to his luck and had to pay no fine, he had to continue nevertheless its way on foot. Previously, Stefan escaped even just a collision with a car. An eyewitness reported: "He seems to be a wild cyclists." Why the moderator probably hurry had it and the rules of the one-way road disregarded? An opinion in turn not to the incident is there unfortunately.

Maybe he was with his thoughts in the morning evening held Bundesvision song contest, where he will lead as the host the programme.

Stefan Raab stopped by police