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Wonnig: Taylor Swift celebrates special pillows

 Taylor Swift celebrates special pillows

The little things in life

Just recently declared the country princess and designated pop singer Taylor Swift, that there would be a very simple formula of happiness in their lives in principle. The simplicity of things seems the musician anyway to enjoy most of all. Because while other celebrities can be satisfied only with the most luxurious gadgets Taylor as a child would also have the smallest details on Christmas Eve!

A proof they delivered again via Instagram, where they posted a verkuscheltes Selfie. But to see it is not only the bed ready "Red" -Interpretin, but also in itself quite simple white pillows, to which she clings. This one has probably actually made in their property in the British capital London bother to embroider Taylor's initials into the fabric of what this particularly enjoyed:
 "It looks like you do not know how much you love pillow with monogram to London offers you a pillow with monogram. " 
Well, the little things make it stop usually at its best ...

Taylor earthiness you can find pretty gorgeous?