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Wow! Anna Wintour still on the phone with "stick"

Anna Wintour still on the phone with stick

Anna Wintour is actually known mostly to maintain composure. Yet the powerful Vogue editor surprised every now and again with unexpected outbursts downright incredible ferocity. Her already a cult that have become style does not seem immune to small fractures. And now the fashion icon has once again shown what true style is

namely: Also sometimes cling to traditional one when it just works. So Anna Wintour was now caught in the stadium at the U.S. Open, as she pulled out her cell phone. And not some hyper modern smartphone, but - lo and behold - an old flip phone! To see some pixels on the small screen, the lady pulled even once their obligatory sunglasses from the nose. Cool! That the fashion queen is par to the old-fashioned device

And even since the early 2000s: In 2004 Wintour was spotted on a fashion show with the black folding part. But the Vogue queen would not be the Vogue queen, but if they would not have a mobile phone with touch screen - but only in addition, of course: Just the other day was the famous lady with the bob hairdo with her black oldschool phone AND a white smartphone sees.

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