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Yikes! Kylie Jenner suddenly looks like Kim

Kylie Jenner suddenly looks like Kim

Kylie Jenner is growing up - how and make it almost daily on their various social media platforms to the test. Especially popular with Kylie. Selfies however, on which they sometimes presents itself extremely sexy

Recently, stings particularly striking that Kylie externally changed forever extreme. Was last even rumored about a possible lip injections, the evidence on current recordings is provided. But for whatever reason Kylie changes her look? Insider of the Kardashian clan speculate that Kylie would like to emulate their great role model and older sister Kim. The long dark hair, broad eyebrows, full lips: The similarity between the two is now striking. Even her love life is based on Kim's - both prefer the Bad Boy rapper

It should be noted that Kylie extremely oriented towards her sister and would like to possibly even emulate it.. But in Kim's career that is also quite understandable!