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Zhanna Friske has stood up and she prepares breakfast

Zhanna Friske has stood up and she prepares breakfast

Zhanna Friske feels so much better now that she is already caring for loved ones. This was told by her friend Olga Orlova program Julia men'shovoy "Alone with all».

Orlov said that when Joan was not feeling well, then Olga sang all the whims of former colleagues. So now, how would I want to Frisco to answer all the good that she got from Orlova. Olga said that Zhanna recently woke her breakfast in bed. Friske already walk itself, and is able to squeeze out the juice for a friend and cook breakfast.

Zhanna is now in Jurmala, where the rehabilitation after treatment in America. Olga Orlova one of the first to learn about the disease and girlfriend all this time trying to be with her. Olga lived a total of about 4-5 months with Zhanna in the United States, and now flies to Frisco at the earliest opportunity. "Every morning we start with it with a laugh," - says Olga.

Orlov became godmother to the son of Joan and Dmitry Shepelev. This ordinance was held in July in Latvia. Olga said that the question of who baptize Plato, was not. She was also the first woman small Plato kissed her lips. Olga is a very responsible and loves baby godmother. "We have a very strong love him" - smiling singer.

husband of Joan Dmitry SHepelev appreciates the assistance and infinite care of his wife Olga. He notes that Orlov became of the friends with whom they spent the most time together. In this case, Dmitry Orlov is asking to speak as little about Joan and Olga should this request.