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"A painful experience", In college: Lena Dunham was raped!

Lena Dunham was raped!

Lena Dunham is a popular actress who has a lot of humor, which she not only shows off the camera, but also shows in private. But not all times in their lives were funny. In her memoirs, the public now learns a detail from her past, which she kept for a long time.

In February the girls star announced that her work "not that kind of girl: A Young woman tells You What she's 'Learned'" will appear in early October. The publication is now on next Tuesday. First, she gave NPR an interview in which she spoke of her excruciating rape story, which is also in the works. "It was physically and psychologically painful experience -. And it took me a long time to get over. At the time, when it happened, it was not something I could honestly talk about it", said the actress. The incident happened at their college times. When she began to insulate themselves and avoid all parties of fellow students.

Lena Dunham

"I've spent so A lot time with fear, I Not now more spent so A lot of time with shame - so I feel," Lena Dunham can today proudly claim.