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After date with Kendall Jenner!?: Justin Bieber kicks paparazzi in the face

Actually had Justin Bieber but every reason to be good mood in Paris. Finally, he made omitted with the Kardashians Party and on Tuesday had a nice date with Kendall Jenner. But he got aggression again and struck a paparazzi with a clenched fist in the face.

After Justin and Kendall had dined in the city of love to evening, the teen heartthrob wanted to go to the hotel with his crew back. But on the way there he was hampered by photographers. And so he did not hesitate and his fist landed right in the face of a man, made of snapshots of Justin. His companions could not stop him.

The relationship between him and the representatives of the press is also usually not the best, as the past has shown impressive. Several times already flipped the 20-year-old from downright and had therefore already the one or other indicator on the neck.

Justin Bieber kicks paparazzi

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber with Kendall Jenner